About me

Hi, i'm Loïs Dobbelaar

As you’ve probably already saw on my portfolio, i’m both a 2D and 3D Game Artist. Right now i’m studying at Mediacollege Amsterdam.

The reason I chose to both do 2D and 3D is easy. I have always loved drawing and concept designing. And with 3D you can truly bring a character, or environment to life. By combining the two with things such as hand painted textures, I found that I can make the most out of being creative.

I would love to get my stand alone 2D art to a higher level and also learn more about the current programs i’m using. Like Maya, 3ds Max, and Unity. At my current internship I learned a lot about those programs as well. Like creating particle effects and actually creating a game in unity as well. I have also learned more about animating and rigging there.

If you want to learn more about me and my work, you can click any of the links on my website.